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So here we are… after some months worth of work, the green spot’s e-shop is finally ready for you to place your order or simply take a look at its goodies!

I am so happy that I can finally reach more people! Even though the goal was (and still is) to serve Chania’s local comunity, I love the fact that we can do more.

This website, as most of its product, is “handmade”. I’ve created it piece by piece like a big beautiful puzzle and I hope it actually works for you.

Not everything is ready yet. There’s much more to be done, more products to be uploaded, more information to be shared. But we’ll get there.

For now, let me introduce you to the green spot’s roadmap. On the “Welcome” page (the traditional “homepage”), you will find the latest products added to the e-shop, the bestsellers and some general information about the categories of the products and their ethics. On the “Goodies” page, you can find the available products categorized. On the “Contact me” page, you can find a contact form, basic contact information (like email, phone, address and social media) and the physical store on google maps. Feel free to contact me in any way! On the “My story” page, I’m introducing myself (I’m Katerina btw) and the physical store, and I’m providing some information about gifts, refills and reusing ideology. On the “Blog” page, you can find posts like this one. Future posts will be more informative and hopefully usefull, related to products and environmental issues. On the footer of each page you may also find the physical store’s opening hours.

If you live in Chania, I would love to meet you in person! Come and check these natural and respectfull treasures. Why natural and respectfull trasures you say? Well, you know the drill, I’m talking about products that have got the whole package: natural, organic, free of harmfull chemicals, zero-waste, ethically-made, eco-frienly, and in most cases handmade, too -all these are to be considered a given here. As a mater of fact, I do take all these for granted for my products, so that when people ask me about them (expecting me to say all those things) I forget to mention them at all and I’m struggling to think something about the product’s specific characteristics! 😅

But bear with me, people, because I love what I do and I realy mean to do some good in this world…

So that’s it for now. If you’ve got any questions, I’m here for you! And welcome to my little shop!



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