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Wooden “oriculi” ear cleaner -Lamazuna


Wooden “oriculi” by Lamazuna

The eco-friendly ear cleaner

Made in France

Beech wood and linseed oil

Paper packaging

This eco-designed Oriculi is made from wood that comes from a forest in the Jura region, less than 250 km from Lamazuna’s offices, so its environmental impact is almost zero!

This zero-waste ear cleaner will save you from throwing away thousands of cotton buds.

Use: Use the wooden Oriculi like a small “spoon” to remove earwax at the entrance to the ear canal. There’s no need to go any further!  After use, wipe it clean or rinse with water, and don’t forget to dry it. This Oriculi is made without solvents or varnish, so if it lightens slightly over time or if you want to make it look fresh and new again, you can simply apply a fine coat of oil (preferably linseed, but any oil will do).

The Oriculi can bear a weight of up to 4 kg before breaking, so you don’t have to worry about it being fragile or delicate!

Beech wood and linseed oil – that’s all there is to it!

They’re engraved by laser to add their distinctive motifs, along with the Lamazuna name.

Each Oriculi is oiled with linseed, to protect against humidity in particular, then left to dry.

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