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Tongue cleaner by Be my flower

Stainless steal

Plastic free

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Do you know about all those bacterial residues remain on the surface of your tongue and may cause bad breath or even periodontitis and other gum diseases?

Well, now you do and this is the tool that can help you get rid of them!

With this stainless steal tongue cleaner you can easily remove those bacterial residues without any harm and keep your mouth fresh and clean.

How to use: Wash the tongue cleaner with warm water. Press gently the tongue cleaner over your tongue moving from back to front. Repeat 5-8 times. Rinse your mouth and the tongue cleaner after use.

You can use it after brushing your teeth.

To disinfect your tongue cleaner, boil some vinegar with some salt (3 parts vinegar to one part salt) then place the liquid into a bawl and leave your tongue cleaner for 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, squeeze some lemon enough to cover your tongue cleaner and leave it for 10-15 minutes. It is recommended to disinfect your tongue cleaner once a week.


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