“Soften” Hand cream 30ml -FISIKA


“Soften” Hand cream with chamomile and patsouli 30ml by FISIKA

Hands, elbows and heels get smooth again, with complexion fully nourished

Handmade in Chania, Crete, Greece

This hand & cuticle miracle balm is potent! Nicely thick and nourishing, can transform your dry hands from cracked and dry to irresistibly supple and soft in touch.

For all skin types

100% natural ingredients, 89% certified organic ingredients.

A great one to keep in your bag for all times needed! Rich and moisturising, made with antimicrobial Chamomile and tonic Patchouli to relieve chapped hands, leaving them soft and feeling also a little protected. The precious formula helps to condition and to nourish skin deep by replacing its lost moisture, whether it’s on your hands, your elbows, knees or heels. The antioxidant and vitamin-rich organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pure unbleached Beeswax will form a protective layer, to promote skin elasticity and hydrate without clogging the pores. This little gem is gentle even to the most sensitive skin and allergen-free.

How to use:For cracked skin on your heel, apply a decent amount on it and the whole foot if you wish, cover up with some cotton, or other natural fiber, sock and get to bed for a full-time sleep. Repeat for 2 more nights if needed and then, keep up maintaining the soft look by applying small amounts every time after shower. Extra tip: With this mehtod, you’ll propably get through this jar very quickly so, stock yourself up with 2.

Scent & texture:

With potent real chamomile scent. The comfortingly rich texture leaves no residue or ugly shine when massaged into clean skin. How is that possible? Well, olive oil and beeswax are both non-comedogenic, which means that they don’t block the pores of the skin, they absorb easily and nourish deep.

Quantity suggestions:

To normal skin use just 1/2 the size of a pea for your both hands, massage it between palms, warming it up, and sinking it well in the cracked areas. Apply more if needed.

To dry skin take a bit out of the jar, the size of a pea, mix it with drops of water in your palms and rub well until all is absorbed. Repeat as many times as needed during the day, and use more before going to bed. Trust us, your skin will thank you as a once hungry person to whom you kindly offered a yummy meal!

To mixed and oily skin use 1/2 the size of a pea, once a day, preferably before going to bed on clean, damp skin.

Dermatologically tested. Approved as allergens-free by official Control and Analysis Laboratories.

Vegetarian (beeswax) & Cruelty-free. Neither the cream nor its ingredients are tested on animals.

Palm oil-free. Mineral-oil free. Gluten-free. Soy-free.

Water-free: no need for synthetic preservatives here!

Free from Parabens (synthetic compounds used as preservatives), PEG (petroleum-based compounds), Phthalates (plasticizing chemicals), and GMOs (anything gene-level modified in the lab). Free from synthetic fragrance and artificial colouring agents.

Eco-friendly. Zero waste created during its production.


Hand blended. Small batch quality.

Shelf Life and Care: Take care of your cream by keeping it in a cool place without heavy moisture until the first use and once opened be careful not to put wet fingers in the jar to prolong its life.


30ml/ 1oz, packaged in a recyclable dark amber* glass jar with a sealing top and a cap. The jar is labelled with recycled paper and placed in a printed paper box. Dimensions of its box approximately 4 x 5 x 4 cm/ 1.6 x 2 x 1.6 in.

Glass recycle icon

*Dark amber glass jars can be cleaned after use, and be reused eg. as a single succulent pot, or can be thrown into the glass recycling bin. If available, in the brown and amber glass bin.


Weight0,050 kg

*Olea Europea oil (organic extra virgin olive oil),
**Cera Alba (pure unbleached beeswax),
Chamomilla Recutita oil (chamomile essential oil),
Pogostemon Cablin oil (patchouli essential oil),
Citrus Grandis extract (grapefruit extract),

*Certified organic, cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil

**Our Beeswax is harvested in an ethical and sustainable manner by small, local bee-friendly keepers, foraged in forests and uncultivated Cretan fields.




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