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“Soften” Chocolate-jasmine natural soap -FISIKA


“Soften” Chocolate-jasmine natural soap 100gr by FISIKA

Dreamy, creamy soap that protects stressed skin from drying out even when overwashing.

Handmade in Chania, Crete, Greece

Specifically designed for dry skin; this soap is soft, is mild and deep cleansing.

Multi-vitamin Olive oil that’s loaded with powerful antioxidants, and super hydrating dark Chocolate, both included in your daily cleansing routine giving the ultimate hydration and care that your skin needs.

For hands, face and body

100% natural ingredients, 97% certified organic ingredients.

Packaging: 110g/ 3.9oz, wrapped in biodegradable cellophane and packaged in a reusable and recyclable handmade cotton pouch. Dimensions approximately 7.5 x 5.5 cm/ 2.9 x 2.10 in


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Chocolate-Jasmine soap is a guilt-free indulgence for your face and your body! It removes impurities while protecting the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Chocolate softens, nourishes and protects the skin. The cocoa solids are full of antioxidants and offer a soft and smooth appearance to the skin. The extra fat from the cocoa butter makes the bar extra moisturising which aids the dry complexions. Clove has antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Jasmine calms and relaxes the senses with its lush, soothing scent.

With a subtle warming scent of Jasmine (not at all overpowering), and a non-sticky texture. Dries well after each use on a well-draining soap dish. Makes subtle silky foam that slides nicely on the skin. It’s not drying to the skin and leaves it feeling super clean.

✔ Unique and handmade: made from scratch, using the cold process method, superfatted, hand-blended. One batch at a time to ensure freshness and consistency. Cut and trimmed by hand, and cured for 8 to 10 weeks. Zero waste was created during its production. Sustainable. With eco-friendly formula and packaging.

✔ How to use: Rub the soap between your wet hands or on your natural sponge to make extra foam, under lukewarm water. You can also rub it on your face or your body gently in a circular motion. Wash your face, but don’t forget your forehead and your neck, and rinse well. Dry your face with cotton or another type of soft fabric towel by gently patting your skin. You can also wash your body and hair with this bar.

✔ Solid & Water-free: no need for synthetic preservatives here! It also makes it cost-effective since we use almost seven times less of a soap bar than liquid soap each time. Plus a solid bar has less carbon footprint from transportation than liquid soap which is heavier with 60-90% of it being water.

✔Free from Sodium Laurel and other Sulfates (harsh detergents), Parabens (synthetic compounds used as preservatives), PEG (petroleum-based compounds), Phthalates (plasticizing chemicals), and GMOs (anything gene-level modified in the lab). Free from synthetic fragrance and artificial colouring agents.

Transparency: This means that the fragrance ingredients are fully disclosed along with all the other ingredients in the recipe. In other words, FISIKA is not hiding anything behind the word “fragrance/parfume”. In essence, however, FISIKA does not use any ingredient simply for flavoring purposes but for its actual active services and usefulness to the skin and mind.

✔Dermatologically tested. PH level tested for a gentle cleansing result.

✔Cruety-free. No animal testings.

✔ Zero waste was created during its production.

✔ The soap itself is 100% biodegradable.

✔Palm-oil free, gluten-free


✔Packaging: Clear wrapper (compostable, made of cellulose, derived from wood pulp harvested from managed plantations). Handmade cotton pouch with cotton string (compostable/ reusable/ recyclable). Thin paper insert (recyclable). The wrapper is certified compostable in a home compost. Throw it in the compost bin where it breaks down safely. So does the paper label. The pouch can also be composted or put in a textile recycling bin, but before that, it can be reused at home for office bits, coins, screws, jewellery, or as a lavender sachet for the dryer or the drawers. The soap, is biodegradable but also meltable in warm water, so why waste the leftovers? Melt them down in a bowl with warm water (let it sit for some hours) and dip your sponge in this DIY liquid soap result to clean your body, your dog, the counter -anywhere you fancy!

✔Shelf life and care: Take care of your soap by keeping it in a cool place without heavy moisture until the first use and on a dry surface after each use to prolong its life. Light exposure may turn it lighter in colour.


Weight0,100 kg
Dimensions7,55 × 5,55 cm

Sodium Olivate >90% (organic olive oil saponified)*,
Aqua (evaporated water),
Sodium Cocoate (organic coconut oil saponified)*,
(dark) Chocolate,
Vegetable Glycerin (glycerin is a natural byproduct of soapmaking)‡,
Eugenia Caryophyllus bud oil (clove essential oil),
Jasminum Officinale oil (jasmine essential oil),
Eugenia Caryophyllus (clove) bud extract

*Certified organic, cold-pressed oils turned into soap.

‡Certified organic, and originated from plants.

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