Scented wax sachet “Christmas tree” -the green spot


Scented wax sachets shaped like a christmas tree by the green spot

Smelling like the greek traditional delicasy “melomakarona”

Handmade in Chania by the green spot team

Soy wax and 24 metallic decorative

Wraped in a craft box

*Each product is unique and may vary from the ones in the pictures

Perfect christmas charm to make your house smell like christmas!

Its delicious aroma will make you want to crawl under a blanket with some hot chocolate and enjoy a cold christmas night.

After Christmas you can use it as air freshener to naturally aromatise your wardrobe, dreeser, drawers, bathroom etc.

When the scent has faded, you can either add essential oil to revitalize it or melt it on an oil burner like you would a wax melt. If you choose so, you can also just keep it as a decoration for your home.

Handmade in small batches with lots of love and care.

Custom made inquiries for different scents is also possible.


the green spot


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