Pomegranate soap -Elen’s secret


Pomegranate natural soap by Elen’s secret

Handmade in Athens

For all skin types

For face and body



A soap based on pomegranate that cleanses and protects your skin. Pomegranate essential oil is one of the most valuable and sought after oils. One of the most expensive oils on the planet, it has a magical smell and perfect texture without leaving a strong feeling of oil. Contains rare fatty acids that have a positive effect on the skin. Helps tighten the skin, hydrates, balances the pH, enhances collagen production in the skin, offers elasticity. Plus it it high in antioxidants, while it protects and repairs from sunlight.

Take advantage of all those benefits with natural, handmade and high quality products based on pomegranate!

You can read about the benefits of pomegranate here. And remember to eat lots of pomegranate! 😉


Elen's secret


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