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Organic solid shampoo bar 50gr cedarwood and nettle scented in a tin box by Kalliope’s

Handmade in Lefkada island, Greece, with homegrown ingredients

Suggested for hair with dandruff and/or hair loss. However, it is suitable for all hair types


SLS free, palm oil free


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A gentle and lovely-smelling shampoo bar

A solid shampoo bar is a great sustainable alternative to liquid shampoo. Its solid form resembles that of a bar soap and drastically reduces plastic waste. Needless to say, it’s ideal for travelling, but also for keeping your bathroom neat, visually appealling and clear of distractions.

This shampoo bar smells beautifully of organic cedarwood and nettle essential oils and lathers up in a thick, steady, lace-like foam due to our chosen gentle naturally-derived cleansing agents. The soft clay provides its purifying properties and its creamy feel. Kalliope’s own produce, naturally farmed, supreme quality virgin Greek olive oil, infused with homegrown laurel, sage and calendula add to the supreme quality of this bar. Super moisturizing and fortifying, your hair will thank you!

You can use this shampoo bar as a body wash, too! Its velvety foam and slightly scrubby surface will amaze you.

As it is SLS and sulfate-free, it’s a perfect choice for people with more sensitive skin, or even rosacea patients who have irritation issues with industrial shampoos. Be aware that this shampoo bar is also not a soap. Nothing bad about a soap -and Kalliope makes some crunchy ones from her organic cold-pressed olive oil! However, some people find it hard to make do with a traditional soap for washing their hair. This might be for a variety of reasons, including behaviour and after-feel of the hair, time or the naturally alkaline pH of soaps. Alternatively, the suds in this shampoo bar come from ECOCERT, naturally-derived and skin-friendly surfactants with a skin & hair-compatible pH. Their cleansing capacity is toned down just a bit with the addition of our pure oil, such as to care for you in a very tender way.

Use: Circle the bar gently over wet hair once or twice depending on hair length. A little rub is all you need! Massage from the roots to the ends of the hair. Rinse thoroughly. Run it over your body for instant creamy cleansing, too!

Packaging: reusable and recyclable tin box

Storage: Allow the bar to airdry in the hanging pouch or drain on a soap plate between uses. If it is left to sit in water, it will start to soften on the bottom (similar to soap effect) and you might lose on longevity.

>> At Kalliope’s, they produce a big portion of their materials (olive oil, herbs>herbal extracts). They choose to source materials that are cultivated within Greece, from other agroecological small farms. Overall, wthey strive for a toxin-free, fair and sustainable supply chain!

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sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium laurel sulfoacetate, coco-glucoside, wheat, kaolin clay, coco betaine, olive oil*
herbal extracts: oregano*, nettle*, thyme*
essential oils: cedarwood*, basil*
*Organic ingredients

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100% Natural Organic Herbal Zero Waste Cosmetics & Soap
Kalliope's is a family-run rural lab and growing micro farm in the mountains of Lefkada island. They produce organic virgin olive oi and various botanical treasures, as well as fruits. They ethically forage the local flora. They lovingly process their harvestings into products for the care and wellness of the human cody and mind. Their products are born from the pristine nature of Lefkas, made with the rich aromatic and medicinal plants of their land. Blessed with a favorable climate, Greece is a country rich in  biodiversity, well known for its sublime herbs and ancient tradition on the healing power of herbs. Their knowledge draws from both traditional herbalism and modern scientific research constantly evolving. The uniquness of Kalliope's formuas lies in their content in potent extracts in-house, from wild or organically-grown plants.  


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