Loofah soap Wave -Elen’s secret


Loofah soap Wave by Elen’s secret

Handmade in Athens, Greece

With an invigorating ocean scent


Cruelty Free

Organic Product


Wave soap and loofah ensure deep cleansing as they remove dead skin cells. The loofah sponge is anti-fungal, biodegradable, natural and ecological. They strengthen the circulatory system while simultaneously providing anti-cellulite action. The skin easily acquires a velvety texture, becomes shiny and firm. It is subtle and cool like a morning sea breeze, with a scent of freshness that awakens the senses.

Weight0,100 kg

glycerin, Vitamine E, Aloe Vera Gel, cardamom essential oil, cypress essential oil, lovage essential oil, avocado butter, olive oil, Kaolin, castor oil, coconut oil

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Elen's secret


Elen's secret


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