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Last swab Beauty -Last object


Last swab Beauty by Last object

A reusable swab to fix and touch-up your make up.

Desinged and produced in Denmark


As many as 500 billion single-use cotton swabs are used every year. For just a few seconds of use that’s an astronomical amount of waste wreaking havoc on natural habitats and devastating marine life! One LastSwab replaces 1,000 single-use cotton swabs.

Made from recycled ocean bound plastic, these zero waste LastSwabs help to reduce environmental pollution.

The LastSwab family of products are as easy to clean and store as they are effective at keeping our planetary home clean.

Functional and portable, you can take your LastSwab with you wherever you go! You never know when you’ll need it.

The LastSwab family of products is 100% sanitary and easy to clean — a little soap and water does the trick!

  • Case: Certified recycled ocean-bound plastic
  • Bud: Medical grade TPE – made in Germany
  • Rod: PP – made in United Kingdom


Weight0,021 kg
Dimensions7,8 × 0,5 cm
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