Flower power beauty mask -Kalliope’s


Dry flower power beauty mask 35gr by Kalliope’s

For all skin types, ideal for dry, very dry, sensitive and mature skin

Handmade in Lefkas island, Greece



Ethically made

Glass bottle with aluminum cap 35gr


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A velvety light mask suitable for all skin types. Pink clay offers gentle exfoliation and cleansing. A colorful blend of flowers from Kalliope’s organic farm tops off: rose petals, chamomile, calendula and almond blossoms. The selected flowers soothe the skin with their anti-inflamatory properties, but also nourish it with an abundance of polynutrients that aid cell regeneration and repair.

A beauty mask every now and then makes for a calming way to rejuvenate our skin. Kalliope’s masks aim at cleansing and detoxifying on the one hand, while provide precious substances, essential for the skin’s healthy and optimal appearance on the other. They come in dry form in order to ensure that no perservatives are needed.

USE: Mix a small portion of the powdered mask with the liquid of your choice (usually 1tsp mask to 2 tsp liquid). You could use water, juice, milk, hydrolat or even honey or yoghurt as your mixing base. When you have achieved a thick homogenous texture, apply a layer of the mask across your face, avoiding the sensitive area of the eyes. Allow the mask to act on the skin for 10 minutes as you relax. You can wash away the mask with lukewarm water or remove it with a damp cloth (or a reusable face scrubbie).


Kaolin clay, red clay, roses*, chamomile*, almond blossoms*, calendula*
*eco-agriculture or ethically wildcrafted



100% Natural Organic Herbal Zero Waste Cosmetics & Soap
Kalliope's is a family-run rural lab and growing micro farm in the mountains of Lefkada island. They produce organic virgin olive oi and various botanical treasures, as well as fruits. They ethically forage the local flora. They lovingly process their harvestings into products for the care and wellness of the human cody and mind. Their products are born from the pristine nature of Lefkas, made with the rich aromatic and medicinal plants of their land. Blessed with a favorable climate, Greece is a country rich in  biodiversity, well known for its sublime herbs and ancient tradition on the healing power of herbs. Their knowledge draws from both traditional herbalism and modern scientific research constantly evolving. The uniquness of Kalliope's formuas lies in their content in potent extracts in-house, from wild or organically-grown plants.  


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