“Exfoliate” natural coffee & vanilla soap -FISIKA


Natural scrub soap bar, skin tonic and mild exfoliant for weekly use.

Handmade in Chania with organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic milk, coffee, vanilla.

Refreshes face and body.

All skin types.

110g/ 3.9oz, wrapped in biodegradable cellophane and packaged in a reusable and recyclable handmade cotton pouch

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Fisika’s coffee-Vanilla soap combines the rich aroma of Greek coffee and the exotic scent of Vanilla, transforming your bath-time into an invigorating experience. Coffee is a potent antioxidant and helps eradicate fine lines and minimise wrinkles. Made with finely crushed coffee grains that exfoliate while tightening the skin and Milk, which is packed with proteins, calcium and vitamins that stimulate and refresh, leaving skin soft and radiant. Vanilla extract compliments the experience, relaxing the senses with its mild aphrodisiac properties. A skin tonic and mild exfoliant soap for your face and body.

✔Coffee-Vanilla soap is ideal for shower, bath and weekly exfoliation.

✔Suitable for all skin types.

✔Natural ingredients. Contains an Organic Extra Virgin Cretan Olive oil and Organic Coconut oil blend, enriched with organic Milk, grounded Coffee and Vanilla Essential oil. Natural dyeing deriving only from plants and natural scents from essential oils. No Synthetic or industrial produced chemicals, preservatives, colours or fragrances used.

✔Free from Sodium Laurel and other Sulfates (harsh detergents), Parabens (synthetic compounds used as preservatives), PEG (petroleum-based compounds), Phthalates (plasticizing chemicals), and GMOs (anything gene-level modified in the lab). Free from synthetic fragrance and artificial colouring agents.

✔Cruety-free. No animal testings of any kind. No animal ingredients, except for milk: the organic milk is collected by a Greek certified farm with cows raised with organic vegetable food (gmo-free), following all rules and regulations of Europe’s organic certification of products.

✔Low-waste. Cellophane is an ecological material from natural cotton cellulose, that can be thrown in the compost bin where it breaks down safely. The pouch can also be composted or put in a textile recycling bin, but before that, it can be reused at home for office bits, coins, screws, jewellery, or as a lavender sachet for the dryer or the drawers. Zero waste created during its production. The soap itself is 100% biodegradable.

✔Shelf life and care: Store it in a cool place without heavy moisture until the first use, and on a draining surface after each use to prolong its life.

Weight0,110 kg
Dimensions5,5 × 7,5 cm

sodium olivate >90% (organic olive oil), lac (organic milk), aqua, sodium cocoate (organic coconut oil), coffea arabica (coffee), vanilla planifolia oil (vanilla essential oil).

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