“Estella” soap -Elen’s secret


“Estella” natural soap by Elen’s secret

Handmade in Athens

For face and body

Ideal for sensitive and dry skin, suitable for all skin types



“Estella” is a soap with pink clay, Himalayan salt, and shea butter which is ideal for the daily care routine for sensitive and dry skin that needs more moisture and care.

With Vetiner essential oils, warm amber, peppery sandalwood and red grape extract ingredients rich in regenative and anti-aging properties.

Ideal for cleaning demanding skin.

It balances, softens, increases the elasticity of the skin.


Amber Essential Oils, Veniter Essential Oils, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Himalayan Salt, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Pink Clay

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Elen's secret


Elen's secret


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