Eco oral care starter pack



A bamboo toothbrush
A bamboo toothbrush case
A bamboo toothbrush holder
100 toothpaste tablets
A stainless steel tongue cleaner

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A selection of some eco-friendly products to keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh!

A bamboo toothbrush by be my flower. Choose color and bristle hardness to fit your personal needs.

A bamboo toothbrush case by be my flower. Carry your toothbrush with you whenever you need to.

A bamboo toothbrush holder by be my flower. Let your toothbrush dry naturally and your bathroom look minimally beautiful.

100 mint toothpaste tablets by Ben & Anna. Fluoride or fluoride-free, these toothpaste tablets rock!

A stainless steel tongue cleaner by be my flower. Complete your oral care routine with this tongue cleaner that keeps bacteria away and your breath fresh-smelling.


Be my flower

Ben & Anna


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