Eco oral care complete routine pack


Pack includes:

A bamboo toothbrush

125 toothpaste tablets

125 mouthwash tablets

A stainless steel tongue cleaner

Interdental brushes



You can’t be too careful with your oral care routine! Everything that you are going to need in one place.

A bamboo toothbrush by Bamboomaki. Soft bristle as suggested by dentists and choose your color according to your style. Don’t forget to replace your toothbrush after 3 month!

125 toothpaste tablets by denttabs. Mint or strawberry? That is the question!

A stainless steel tongue cleaner by be my flower. Say bye bye to those bacteria at the back of your tongue and hello to fresh breath.

Interdental brushes by be my flower. Spotlessly clean teeth, reduced gum inflammation cavities and bad breath chances.

125 mouthwash tablets by ecoLiving. To remove antything unwanted that may still be in your mouth after all this work you put to remove it! Fresh breath is guranteed.

The ultimate pack to fight bad breath is here!




Be my flower




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