Cotton soap savers -Mirena made


Reusable cotton soap savers by Mirena made

Handmade in Greece

Croceted with 100% cotton

Reusable, washable, sustainable


With these reusable soap savers we save on the use of soap!

The soap saver allows the soap to dry without “melting” resting on the edge of the tub.

Simply put the soap in the soap saver, wet it and take a bath. Enjoy the mild exfoliation that the soap saver offers you. When you are done, hang the soap saver with the soap in it and allow it to dry!

At the end of your soap’s life, don’t throw it away! Simply put the new one in the soap saver and make good use of it!

These soap savers are made of 100% cotton and crocheted.

Machine washable at 40 degrees.

Write in the comments of your order if you have a colour preferance.

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Mirena made


by mirena made


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