Cotton face scrubbies (flat) -Mirena made


Reusable face scrubbies (flat) by Mirena made

Handmade in Greece

Croceted with 100% cotton

Reusable, washable, sustainable


Reusable face scrubbies replace non-recyclable cotton pads, helping to reduce waste!

They can be used:

  • For gentle make-up removal
  • For applying facial cleansing products (face scrub, daily cleanser) instead of the fingers as they themselves do a slight exfoliation
  • To apply toning lotion
  • As eye compresses to rest or treat dark circles, soaked in chamomile

They are made of 100% cotton and crocheted.

Machine washable at 40 degrees and can also be tumble dried.

Reuse them over and over again!

Write in the comments of your order if you have a colour preferance.

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Mirena made


by mirena made


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