BULK Toothpaste tablets Mint -denttabs.


BULK Mint toothpaste tablets fluoride-free by denttabs.

Vegan and natural

Designed and manufactured in the EU (Germany & Poland)

Ideal for travelling

Denttabs toothpaste tabs Mint fluoride-free for children and adults go beyond brushing your teeth: they polish your teeth until they’re smooth, thanks to the high content of cellulose. Natural, sustainable, foam-free.

Say no to plastic tubes that end up in landfills and do not decompose for more than 500 years. Choose eco-friendly, sustainable and chemical-free dental care. And come on, let’s admit it, toothpaste tablets are much cooler, as well! 😉

Take control of the quantity of your tabs by buying in bulk!

How to use: Chew a tablet. Moisten your toothbrush and brush your teeth. Spit. Rinse with water. Done!

✔ Developed by dentists.

✔ Polishes your teeth to a high gloss and gives them a unique shine.

✔ Free from harmful ingredients, natural cosmetics certified.

✔ Lightweight, saving significant weight and volume, reduced CO2 emissions during transport. Climate neutral.

✔ Gentle surfacants, effective cleaning.

Weight and tablets:

  • 5gr about 16 tabs
  • 10gr about 32 tabs
  • 15gr about 48 tabs
  • 20gr about 64 tabs
  • 25gr about 80 tabs
  • 30gr about 96 tabs
  • 35gr about 112 tabs
  • 40gr about 128 tabs
  • 45gr about 144 tabs
  • 50gr about 160 tabs
  • 60gr about 192 tabs
  • 70gr about 224 tabs
  • 80gr about 256 tabs
  • 90gr about 288 tabs
  • 100gr about 320 tabs

*Bear in mind that you need about 60 tabs for one month supply for one person (for daily use twice a day)





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