Bamboo toothbrush Equality (package free) -Be my flower


Eco toothbrush Equality with 100% biodegradable bamboo handle and nylon bristles.

Greek company from Larisa and made in China where the bamboo is grown.

Bristle hardness: SOFT

Packaging free


Zero-waster’s first easy eco swap!

Be my flower’s bamboo toothbrush lacks nothing in comparison with convetional plastic toothbrushes, but the fact that it is not going to  litter our planet for more than a hunderd years. It is not going to end up inside any living organism since it is biodegradable, but it is going to go back to nature without harming it. Last but not least, it is not going to get back to you in any form.

To add to the eco advantage, it comes from an ethical greek company which respects not only the environment but also the people it works with. Be my flower also donates 0.05€ to Taki’s animal shelter, a very popular non-profit organization in southern Crete near Ierapetra that depends entirely on donations. It specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating severely abused animals. When the animals get compeletly healthy and sterilized they are given away to adoptions in Greece as well as abroad. The supporters of Taki’s shelter come from many European countries and they often visit to offer their help and adopt an animal. So, with each toothbrush you help buy food for Taki’s animals. Thank you!

When the toothbrush needs replacing (after 3 months of use or when the bristles are damaged) place it in a compost bin or burry it in a pot after removing the bristles.

Multi-color and fun!

Eco-friendly, stylish, surving a good purpose and the first step towards a zero waste life. What else could you possibly ask?

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Be my flower


Be my flower


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