“Spring” loofah soap -Elen’s secret


“Spring” loofah soap by Elen’s secret

Handmade in Athens

For all skin types

For body



A great soap for deep cleansing and mild exfoliation with the help of cedarwood and loofah sponge, as they remove dead skin cells.

Strengthens the circulatory system while simultaneously providing anti-cellulite action.

For radiant and firm skin with a velvety texture.

Enriched with ivy oil and cedarwood essential oil, a tonic for the body as it stimulates the respiratory and muscular systems.

The Loofah sponge is anti-fungal, biodegradable, natural and eco-friendly.


cedar essential oil, vitamin E, glycerin, ivy oil, green tea, loofah, juniper essential oil, aloe essential oil


Elen's secret


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