Clarifying face oil -Kalliope’s


Natural clarifying face oil

Suggested for comibination, oily and acne-prone skin.

Handmade in Lefkas.

Ethically made.

Cruelty free.

Glass bottle with a dropper cap 20ml packed in a paper box.

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Oil for oily skinn? Damn right!

Oily and acne-prone skin has an imbalannce of lipids, particularly lacking polyunsaturated fatty acids. This oil is designed to treat skin of such concerns. It balances the skin and gradually prevents the break-outs and finally clarifying the skin.

This face oil contains lightweight oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, γ-linoleic and linolenic) that are also powerful antioxidants. It is infused with antibacterial herbs that are sustainably foraged and with acne-battling essential oils, such as wild Greek thyme and pennyroyal mint.

All ingredients are exclusively organic or wildcrafted and combined into a product of high purity and potency.



botanical extracts: lavender, basil, thyme, greek sage, oregano, hops
plants oil: soybean oil, milk, thistle oil, jojoba oil, pumpkin seed oil, olive squalane, chia, seed oil
carriers of extracts: olive oil, sunflower oil
essential oils: lavender, bergamot

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100% Natural Organic Herbal Zero Waste Cosmetics & Soap
Kalliope's is a family-run rural lab and growing micro farm in the mountains of Lefkada island. They produce organic virgin olive oi and various botanical treasures, as well as fruits. They ethically forage the local flora. They lovingly process their harvestings into products for the care and wellness of the human cody and mind. Their products are born from the pristine nature of Lefkas, made with the rich aromatic and medicinal plants of their land. Blessed with a favorable climate, Greece is a country rich in  biodiversity, well known for its sublime herbs and ancient tradition on the healing power of herbs. Their knowledge draws from both traditional herbalism and modern scientific research constantly evolving. The uniquness of Kalliope's formuas lies in their content in potent extracts in-house, from wild or organically-grown plants.  


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