Zero waste lifestyle should be really called granny lifestyle

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Whenever I visit my grandma, I realize how funny zero waste is. Don’t get me wrong, I love the zero waste philosophy. It’s just that my grandma seems to be the perfect zero waster, she simply doesn’t call it that. 
So it got me thinking that zero waste is primarily going back to our roots and adapting our ancestors lifestyle. 

See, my grandma never in her life has thrown away a plastic bag that has somehow ended up in her hands. She always stores them carefully (she even has a cool folding technique), because you never know when she is going to need it. 

She always uses lots of weird things for her trash (wether that is an old gunnysack, a cardbox or pretty much anything that she doesn’t need anymore and can be used for that purpose).

Any container can become flower pot! Her garden has lots of olive oil tint containers, paint plastic containers, chipped mugs, bowls or plates, tomato juice cans. You name it!

She also lives in a village and owns a dozen chickens (I know that’s a controversial issue, I’m a vegetarian myself, however I do not intend to argue with this practise when it comes to people living in villages). Those chickens will eat practically anything. So there is absolutely no food waste in my grandma’s kitchen. Everything is chicken food! 

And of course as most people who have lived with very few thing in their lives and have lived under poverty (as most greek village people in the previous century did), she knows how to mend stuff. Nothing is to be thrown away if it can be mended. And even if for example a T-shirt cannot be mended in a proper manner, then it is the perfect T-shirt to were when working in the fields. 

I always remember her having solid soap in her bathroom and she always claimed that green soap is the best soap for haircare. When she was younger, she even made her own soap bars. 

She has very few clothes and rarely buys any products that do not have a very specific use in her everyday life. Because who needs clothes and fashion when you live in nature?

It’s hard to talk about zero waste to her and explain what my little shop is all about, because I find it kind of funny explaining it when she already does everyting better than I do. 

She basically lives sustainably like a pro. 

And I ‘ve learned lots of trips and tricks throughout the years from her on everyday things that hepled me live sustainably. I just didn’t know it back then!

So I realized that zero waste is a fancy way of saying that we should be living like our grandparents…

And I guess that it makes sense, because it is a bit like a trend that tries to reach younger people. A rebranding was definitely of great importance, because “granny lifestyle” wouldn’t be as appealing as zero-waste now, would it? I just hope that this “trend” is here to stay and we can all be a little bit more like my grandma.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a similar experience with your grandparents or anyone in your life? Any tips and tricks that you have learned and care to share?

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