"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" Aesop

Once upon a time, there was a girl that couldn't access products that reflected her zero waste philosophy in her hometown...

Hey there! I’m Katerina and I’m trying to make my small journey on Earth leave the world a better place than what I found it and not the other way around… The green spot was created out of my need for zero-waste, ethical and natural products in my hometown, Chania. I was following the zero waste lifestyle and philosophy for a while before the green spot and my main problem was that I could not easily acess products that fullfiled my criteria for the rules that I had decided to abide by. So, I created a place that would make them accesible for me and my fellow citizens and I hope that it will inspire and help more people to think a bit more about the impact of their buying habbits (on the planet, the living creatures on it, but also on humans themselves). My biggest reward is when I see people excited that they finally found “all those products that ordered only online” and the absolutely thrilling to me comment of “You’ve got amazing products!”.

the green spot

The green spot is a physical store in the centre of Chania Crete with carefully selected eco-friendly products. In both the physical and the online store, you will find products that are first of all ethichal and made with love.

I’m constantly looking for more products that offer eco-friendly alternatives and that will help us reduce our environmental footprint. Innovative products that privide new solutions to environmental problems. Zero or low waste products, with no animal testings and pure natural ingredients. Be sure that the products you choose here have in no way violated the rights of any creature (human or not). 


You will also find products mainly from small Greek producers who handmade their products in small batches in order for each and every product to have the attention it deserves. They choose local organic ingredients and recipes that combine traditional wisdom with new scientific methods. Products that respect our skin and health and are free of harmfull or suspicious chemicals. 

I hope you find what you’re looking for here! <3

Gifts for yourself and your loved ones

These gifts of nature that I have collected here are great not only as a treat to yourself, but also to offer to your loved ones! Especially to those eco-conscious souls that love it when they recieve natural treasures. Not to mention they are always a gift to our planet and the future generations!

I am trying to capture various aspects of eco-friendly living and gifts are a big part of our human culture. But don’t worry we can make gifts sustainable, too! Come and choose your gift and I will take care of the rest. I will package it in an eco card box or a paper bag with a small flower for minimal, but still eco-friendly design that looks like a common gift!

If the recipient of the gift is nearby the green spot, you can let them know that they can return the packaging if they want to. Otherwise, they can reuse it or recycle it.

Refill station

Refill is the greatest way to reduce waste and help tackle one of our persisting envieronmental problems. I’m working on adding more and more products available for you to refill!

At the moment, you can find all the natural detergents by egreeno (classic line and some fragrance free options) and shampoo and foam bath with coconut and mango by herovolo.

Reduce plastic waste and save money at the same time!


I am hapilly accepting packaging back to reuse! You got your gift, but you don’t need the card box or bag anymore? You can drop it at the green spot and I will note that it is a reused packaging and I will use it again!

You can also drop here cardboxes from packages that you have recieced and I will also use it for online orders.

I’m also accepting plastic packaging from detergents and cleaners, and glass jars, too. After cleaning them (I will appreciate it if you have already done some cleaning yourself to the reused items that you bring), I will store it at the green spot so that customers can use them to get in bulk the goodies of their choice.

Got any questions? Contact me!

You can contact me for any question regarding our products. 

Do you need help finding the right product for you? I would love to help!

Have you got a product in mind that you would like to be added at the green spot? Please let me know! 

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