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Zero waste refers to the idea of having a circular economy in which the endgoal is not to produce trash and in which all resources will eventually go back into the system. This applies to the production of products which needs to be responsible, the reuse of resources, the recovery of packaging and the products being able to go back to nature without harming it. If you care enough to follow the zero waste life philosophy, start by following the “Rs” of waste management: Rreduce, reuse, recycle!

Yes, they are. We select our products very carefully and make sure that they have very high percentages of natural ingredients. 

Of course they are! We respect all living creatures and love animals, so there is no way we are going to support products that do not respect them as well. All products are either cruelty free certified or are made locally and we trust our partners.

No, not all of them. Some products include the following ingredients: milk, honey and beeswax. However, these ingredients are ethically and responsibly sourced. You can find our vegan products under the “vegan” category and we also note on every product if it is vegan.

You’ll be surprised by how good they are! Natural does not mean less efficient. Nature has many potent treasures and our partners know how to combine them right and create gems! By choosing natutal you also take care of your future self… natural products are better in the long run, since they do not contain any ambivalent chemicals that may add up and cause you any kind of problem. 

Yes, there is! Our physical store is in 65 Karaiskaki Street, Chania, Crete, Greece. We would love to see you in person!

We are currently shipping only in Greece, but we are planning on changing that in the future. So, if you live abroad and are intrested in our products, you can check out again at a later time or send us an email and see what we can do.

We ship orders either in reused boxes (when it is a reused box, it will say so) or in plain cardboard boxes. If you have any preference and special request regarding the shipping packaging (eg you wouldn’t (or would) like a reused box), let me know in your order’s comments.

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